Big Mini World 💃

“I have to smile, I have to hold it in
Under the eyes that have expectations
The more I open my heart and get closer
There will only be disappointment, only scars will remain” – Jessica | Big Mini World

I’m not living in my own world. I have so many hearts to take care of. And that’s mean, I need to please others and sometimes I’d to hurt myself to make others smile.

BUT, how long? How long I need to please other people? How much I need to hurt myself to please others? Because, I am tired too 😐

Am I do not deserve to be happy? I am not gonna ask why because I won’t get the answer that will satisfy me 🙂

Of course there will be disappointment. There will be scars as I wanted to defence myself from getting hurt. But, I’m not living into his world alone. I need to pretend like nothing happened. Put my biggest smile. And be the cheerful person ever 💞