Another ‘heartbreaking’ failure 😂

So, today result for e-rayuan came out and hahahahahahahaha. For the third time I was rejected by government lol. First, matriculation, then upu and today e-rayuan 😂 another failure. Let’s berhuhuhuhu 😂

Disappointed? It will be a lie if I said I don’t. Upset? Nah, will be a lie too if I don’t admit it. Yes. Yes. And yes. I am disappointed. I am upset. BUT. But, who I am to be mad with God’s decision? Who I am to be mad? I am just one of human being who won’t stop making mistake. But even I failed, why would I let it make me down, right? Failure means another chance. Failure means I need to work harder not giving up 😄 I believe in Him. I believe He got another plans for me, which is much better than what I’d planned.

So, put your big smile girl and keep doing your best 😘


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