Big Mini World 💃

“I have to smile, I have to hold it in
Under the eyes that have expectations
The more I open my heart and get closer
There will only be disappointment, only scars will remain” – Jessica | Big Mini World

I’m not living in my own world. I have so many hearts to take care of. And that’s mean, I need to please others and sometimes I’d to hurt myself to make others smile.

BUT, how long? How long I need to please other people? How much I need to hurt myself to please others? Because, I am tired too šŸ˜

Am I do not deserve to be happy? I am not gonna ask why because I won’t get the answer that will satisfy me šŸ™‚

Of course there will be disappointment. There will be scars as I wanted to defence myself from getting hurt. But, I’m not living into his world alone. I need to pretend like nothing happened. Put my biggest smile. And be the cheerful person ever 💞


One thought on “Big Mini World 💃

  1. BLANK says:

    You taught them you come second is what I thought, if you keep doing it and keep hurting yourself soon you will start to hurt others. For my opinion it will be best if you tell them what you feel and have a little talk about your thoughts or opinion. Sometimes you need to put yourself first before others.


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