We used to be closed, tend to talk directly, judged each other but none of us really take it seriously. But, it seems like we have changed. And to be honest, I don’t like our ‘new’ friendship. Awkward. Savage. Selfish. Hurting.

Can we be the old Ninjas again? Can someone bring the old Ninjas back? Can we talk freely without worrying that someone will get hurt? Can we? 😔

I know, what of the reasons we became like this is me. And yeah. The guilt is hunting me every time I tried to talk to any of you. ‘Will it be less awkward?’ ‘Will I talk to her without the awkwardness flying in the air?’ I couldn’t stop asking myself these questions.

However, I want to let all of you know that I love you guys and our friendship 💋 I wish we can always be the Ninjas who shared happiness to the world 💕 사랑해 💞


One thought on “FRIENDSHIP?

  1. BLANK says:

    I hope your friendship will return the way it was soon. Keep on fighting. It’s not your fault neither do they. It’s just a misunderstood between you guys. I’m sorry if my words are no help to you. But I do care.


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